Childfree Family Spotlight on Steffi

Say Hello to Steffi!

Steffi Spinning Fire
Tom on a Highline in Wales
Tom, Steffi, & Raffin
Steffi and Tom Ziplining in Croatia
Steffi and Raffin in Austria
Home on the road!

Where were you born?

Chester, England

Where do you currently live?

The Wirral, England

Are you childfree by-choice or by-circumstance?


If childfree by-choice, what was your biggest influence?

I never really liked children. I just never saw the appeal. I have an aversion to babies and wanted to live freely. I would talk about the things I wanted to do in my life and people would say “make sure to do it when you’re young. Don’t wait till you’re retired.” and I thought, why not live my life all the way through?

Do you have any pets?

I have a 5-year-old rescue dog from Spain called Raffin. He is my adventure buddy and so far, he’s been to 12 countries with me!

What was your first job?

Pharmacy Worker at 14

What is your occupation now?

Right now, I drive an animal ambulance for a non-profit vet but I am also a fire spinner, at Halloween I’m a scare actor and at Christmas I’m a reindeer handler.

What is a typical day like for you?

I get up, eat pancakes for breakfast, jump in my camper van and head to the beach if the weather is good for some circus practice. I take my dog for a long walk. Then, maybe, go out to lunch with a friend. At 4pm I head to work at the vets till 11pm and then come home to my partner who has usually cooked me a delicious meal. We play video games or watch movies till late and then head to bed.

Do you enjoy any hobbies?

My partner and I both enjoy slacklining, he’s a world renowned highliner and teaches rigging at an international level. I’m not as proficient but I take photos of what he does and we both spin fire together as a circus double act at festivals, weddings and other large events.

Do you have a special talent or skill?

Probably fire spinning is my main talent, but I’m also an amateur singer, actress, and public speaker.

If you could master a new skill instantly, what would you like to learn to do?

I would probably want to be able to either play an instrument or paraglide with skill. I’ve had a couple of paragliding lessons but would love to be able to do it proficiently.

What’s an interesting fact about you?

I spent 6 months with my partner and our dog in our self-converted camper van touring Europe, going to head out again as soon as we can.

Do you have any “stupid human” tricks?

I can imitate a horse’s neigh to the degree that they neigh back.

Are there any accomplishments you want to brag about? (Don’t be modest, we want to know!)

I successfully raised a Harris’s hawk from a chick and taught him to fly.

What do you enjoy most about the childfree lifestyle?

Living for myself and no one else. Only factoring in the wants and desires of myself and my partner and not having to make any excuses.

Give us your Top Three recommendations for travel destinations that you have visited?

Dominica in the Caribbean. Stunning waterfalls and beaches.

Split, Croatia. Gorgeous city, perfectly positioned on the coast for access to the national parks and Islands. Friendly people, great food and tons of activities.

The Lake District, England. It soothes my soul.

Is there a travel spot you REALLY want to visit?

Thailand or Costa Rica is probably next on our list.

What do you want people who are not childfree to know about this lifestyle?

That it exists. It is an option. Not following the live script is valid. We’re not selfish or lazy, we just picked a different path. Sometimes it’s a hard path, despite what it might seem on Instagram. But we matter as a family just as much.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My dream is to be spinning fire full time. Traveling in the van to different events and destinations. Might like to be married to my partner, with at least one of us sterilized.

Do you want to give a plug for anything?

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What is your favorite quote?

“Trade something typical for something colourful and if it’s crazy live a little crazy.”

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane

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