Article: 7 Reasons People Shouldn’t Worry They’ll Regret Not Having Kids

Reasons Not to Regret Not having Kids

~Whew~ That title is a mouthful, but worth a read.
Check out the full article HERE. (by Bella DePaulo Ph.D. /

For those of you that say TLDNR (Too Long; Did Not Read) here’s a snapshot of the 7 reasons given by Dr. DePaulo:

1. To fear future regret about a decision that feels right now is to mistrust yourself.

2. Regret isn’t just about our individual personalities and choices; it is a result of cultural pressures to feel a certain way.

3. In later life, regret about not having children is something some women mention, but only when they are specifically asked about it.

4. The decision not to have kids is the only one we question, but some people regret having kids.

5. To fear future regret about not having children is to misunderstand happiness.

6. To fear future regret about not having children is to underestimate the wisdom of our older selves.

7. To fear future regret about not having children is to embrace a narrow view of what it means to be human.

You are encouraged to read the article to better understand the 7 reasons. Two books it references are How to Be Childless by Rachel Chrastil & Regretting Motherhood by Orna Donath

These books and more are located in the Childfree Family Library.

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