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If you received this link from us, congratulations and thank you for all that you do for the childfree community.  We are building something special here at Childfree Family and would like to invite you to become a part of it!  We teamed up with #NoKids, the longest-running childfree merchandise shop, to create “Buy Childfree By Childfree” (we call is BCBC for short).  BCBC is an effort to gather childfree merchandise from various brands and offer them all in one place.

Selling merch in the childfree community is tough.  Childfree people tend to lurk in the shadows of society so the pool of people willing to walk around in society promoting the childfree lifestyle is small (in relation to the actual number of childfree people) – but in time we hope this will change and we’ll be ready to meet the needs of this growing shopping demographic.

By working together under one “Flagship” everyone will benefit.


Harnesses the power of the many

The marketing efforts of each individual brand sends shoppers to their specific brand page @ BCBC. The shopper then selects a shirt or something from them and they might also grab an item from your brand as well. (and vice-versa)

Save Money on ads

With each brand promoting their page @ BCBC through their social media channels the awareness will build and lessen the need to spend money on buying ads. Together, we are a social media juggernaut!

A better shopping experience

There will be a variety of great gear/merch so shoppers will come back for more without the need to be prompted as often. If the childfree life style is important to the shopper then BCBC is the best way to show support. True childfree brands are all we allow on our platform.

Get exposure by association

This is a symbiotic relationship. BCBC creates another avenue for people to be made aware of your brand and all the awesome things you are doing. Thus, your brand will be in front of more potential supporters/followers. All ships will rise with the tide.

We take care of everything

Who doesn't love passive income. The key word there being "passive". You are working hard enough to support and promote the childfree lifestyle. We'll take the e-commerce side of things off your shoulders. Once you provide your designs, we put the wheels in motion. There are people out there who want to support you monetarily - BCBC is a great way to do that.

So What's The Next Step?

Just fill out the contact box below.  Be sure to double-check for accuracy so we can follow-up.

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