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Please note that we may be well into the planning for the Childfree Conference and you might not be able to join us this year. 

But don’t let that discourage you from applying as we may need some back-up speakers just-in-case.

Childfree Conference

Childfree Conference - Speaker Submission Form

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The organizers of this conference would prefer speakers who are childfree: do not have children nor want to have them in any capacity (biological, adopted, fostered, step- or other) at any point in the future.

Examples: Childfree and the Environment. - Qualification: You have a background in Environmental Studies or have extensive knowledge on the topic (example: written a book or papers on the topic). Dealing with workplace discrimination as a childfree person. - Qualification: you are/were a Human Resources Manager or you were confronted with it and able to have resolution.

As this conference will have international speakers/viewers we want to try to accommodate the best we can.

Some Examples: Facebook Page/Group Instagram Twitter Podcast

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