Childfree Resources

Supporting other childfree-by-choice and childfree-by-circumstance sites.

We want to include a list of childfree friendly sites (in no particular order).

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Non-Profit, Not-for-Profit, or Research

Population Matters

Population-Matters (similar name – different site)

World Population Balance (Not childfree, but encourages one child families v/s multiple children)

International Childfree Day

Negative Population Growth

World Population Awareness

Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG)

The Childless by Choice Project

Ageing Well Without Children – UK based Resources

You Before Two – UK based Nonprofit

“Childfree Movement” – RationalWiki

Childfree Places – Lists of Childfree Restaurants, Resorts, Entertainment, Events, Bars & Pubs

Growth Bias Busted *- Not Childfree, but discusses and questions unexamined assumptions in the media about prosperity from population growth.


* = Site may be dormant or has not been updated recently

Forums/Discord Servers

Reddit (some of the biggest groups): Childfree, ChildfreeFriendships, Childfree for Childfree (kind of like a dating site), TrueChildfree, Kidfree, ActuallyChildfree, IFChildfree (Childfree-by-Circumstance)

Childfree Life


NKOHK *- Forum

Child-Free Zone *- Forum

Childfree Connections – Discord Server


* = Site may be dormant or has not been updated recently


Meetup Groups (some crossover) – Childfree, Childfree-by-Circumstance, Childfree-by-Choice

No Kidding!

Facebook Pages & Groups – There are so many.  CLICK HERE to be taken to a separate page.

Biyü – Childfree Dating site/app (French and English)

Childfree Connections *- Childfree Dating and Networking Site

Kindred – Childfree Dating Site

* = Site may be dormant or has not been updated recently

Blogs & Misc Sites

Childfree Wealth – Blog and free small group financial planning/discussion sessions.

A Childfree Happily Ever After – Blogs, Articles, Programs, & Magazine (Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!!!)

Happily Childfree – Blog (not all blogs are Childfree related)

Happily Childfree *- Old Website, but has good info

We’re {not} having a baby – Blog

Enough of us – Blog

Patricia Flaviana (Childfree Doodles) – Shop

Childfree Live Journal – like a Blog, but with various authors

Carolyn Ray *- Article “The Social Stigma of Leading a Ward-Free Life”

Choosing Childfree – Blog (inactive since 2013)

Why No Kids – Blog & Misc. Info

The Not Mom – Blog & Resources

Nonparents – Blog & Forum

Childfree is Not a Dirty Word *- This is just a landing page for their social media (contains misc info)

Respectfully Childfree *- Blog

The Rinky-Dink Life *- Blog

We Are Childfree – PhotoBlog (Individual Stories)

Childfree by Choice *- Various Lists

Childfree Life Adventures – Travel Blog

Childfree Reflections – Blog & Misc. Info

Complete without Kids – Blog

Femme Sans Enfant – Blog (French)

Laura Carroll – Blog

Michelle Marie McGrath – Blog & Podcast

Missed Motherhood – Blog

My So-Called Selfish Life – Documentary – Misc. Resources

The Bitchy Bookkeeper – Blog

Childfree Girls – Webseries

#NoKids – Shop for Childfree Items

Wife Without Kids – YouTube Channel

Married Without Children *- Podcast

Childfree Me *- Blog

The Uprising Spark – Life Coach, Blog, Podcast

The DINK Couple Life – Blog

Not-A-Mama – Blog & Podcast

The Nib: Childfree Is A Legitimate Choice *- Comics

Cats Over Kids – Podcast

You Had Me at Childfree – Podcast

#NoBibsBurpsBottles – Podcast

Childfree Studio – Childfreee Merchandise shop

Childfree Millennial – YouTube Channel

The Childfree Connection – YouTube Channel

* = Site may be dormant or has not been updated recently


World Childless Week

Barren and Beloved

Robin Hadley (Research on Childfree-by-Circummtance in regards to men)

Not So Mommy

Childless by Marriage – Blog

Childless Mothers Connect – Blog

Life Without Baby – Blog

Maman? Non merci! – Documentary (French)

The Road Less Travelled – Blog

Coming2TermsBlog & IVF Research

YerushaA Website for Older Childless Jews

Justine FroelkerBlog & Podcast & YouTube (Her sites aren’t focused on the childfree lifestyle, but she is childfree-by-circumstance)

Gateway Women – Blog & Social Options

Lesley Pyne – Blog

Childless Not By Choice – Blog & Podcast

Childless Not By Choice – Meetup Groups (List)

Living Childfree – Resource Site

Live Childfree – Blog and Podcast


* = Site may be dormant or has not been updated recently