Childfree Conference – Speaker Submission Form

Childfree Conference

Childfree Conference - Speaker Submission Form

Please verify it is accurate as this is the best way for us to contact you.

The organizers of this conference would prefer speakers who are childfree: do not have children nor want to have them in any capacity (biological, adopted, fostered, step- or other) at any point in the future.

Examples: Childfree and the Environment. - Qualification: You have a background in Environmental Studies or have extensive knowledge on the topic (example: written a book or papers on the topic). Dealing with workplace discrimination as a childfree person. - Qualification: you are/were a Human Resources Manager or you were confronted with it and able to have resolution.

As this conference will have international speakers/viewers we want to try to accommodate the best we can.

Some Examples: Facebook Page/Group Instagram Twitter Podcast