Frequently Asked Questions

It is super easy!  Just click the following link to be taken to the Registration Page:

This site is absolutely free!  There is no charge – EVER.  We want to engage with as many childfree people as possible to help this community grow.

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: We request members to be of a certain age (18 years or older) as some content shared by our members may not be suitable for younger audiences.  Also, members should self-identify as a childfree person.

Being childfree is the cornerstone for this community, so if your friend meets that criteria then yes!  Just provide this link to them:

Where this community really takes off is allowing like-minded people to come together in a positive environment to make new friends and build relationships.  So thank you for inviting others to join.

In short, the term “childfree”  encompasses anyone who does not have a child either by choice or circumstance.

This community is a place where childfree people should feel welcomed and encouraged to share their stories, hobbies, travels, talents, questions, and concerns in a judgement free environment.

Taking the first step is identifying as a childfree person, but soon after the question is, “How do I find more people who are living this lifestyle?”

There are a variety of options out there (forums, groups, social media pages, etc.), but we have found that the childfree demographic as a whole did not have a place to simply exist and allow people to self-identify and actively search out others like them through a mapping option.  That is what we want to bring forth – a way to plant a flag in the ground to rally childfree people together!

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