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Childfree Family Card Club

As childfree people, we’ve heard the question plenty, “Won’t you be lonely when you are old without kids/grand kids?” It’s one of the many “bingo” responses we get when you tell someone you’re childfree. (What’s bingo…that is another topic for another day, but this article will give you an idea.)

Childfree Family wants to provide a response to that question with the “Card Club”. Think of it like being a pen pal with a twist. You will be able to run through a list of recipients and have the option to send them a card through the mail. This can be something as simple as a “Thinking of you” card or one wishing them “Happy Birthday”. The twist is that reciprocity is not required from the recipient. The people sending cards are like care-sharing vigilantes.

To kick the project off, we wanted to reach out to those of us who can be the most isolated: seniors. More specifically, seniors living in retirement/nursing communities. With that in mind we are reaching out out to a number of companies/organizations that operate these communities to help locate childfree seniors living there. Once we have a list, the fun will begin! Imagine living in a retirement community and receiving dozens of cards on your birthday from all over the world. That is sure to put a smile on your face!

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