Welcome to the Family!

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Welcome to the Family – the Childfree Family!

If you are living a childfree lifestyle, then you have found your newest home with Childfree Family. Our demographic is a well defined, yet misunderstood, part of society. It is widely accepted that a “childfree” person is someone who, through choice or circumstance, will remain a non-parent for the remainder of their life.

This social community was designed as a place to “plant the flag” for the childfree community to rally around. While there are plenty of organizations, websites, and social media groups for us, there is still a fracture that exists. It is a lot of effort to find these options. Then, to keep up with the information provided by them. So in an effort to consolidate the stream of information and social interaction – Childfree Family emerged.

This is the first site for us (the childfree) that will provide: Blogs/News/Information, Social Interaction, and for some the answer to the greatest childfree question of them all – where are the other childfree people? Yes, we have a live and interactive MAP!

We hope that this community will grow to the point that it will be a one-stop place to get informed and involved with everything childfree. You are not alone; welcome to the family – the Childfree Family.

More Childfree Family Blogs & News can be found HERE.

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