Thoughts on PBS YouTube Series: Should We Kid or Not? Episode 5

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Thoughts on PBS YouTube Series: Should We Kid or Not? Episode 5

Episode 5 is titled Childfree vs. Childless: What’s the Difference? – What’s it mean to be childfree by choice, compared to ending up childless? It features a man who is childfree by choice and a woman who is childless (childfree by circumstance). The man is Cameron; he has a longtime partner and considers himself childfree. The woman is Sarah; she is a married woman without children who identifies as childless not by choice.

This episode can be found here:

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let us know in the comments – consider this is a SPOILER ALERT for those who have not seen the video.

This is a great series to watch between you current binge sessions. Independent Lens is produced by PBS and has put out a series of short Q&A episodes addressing the decision to have kids. The videos are relatively short (under 9 minutes) so there isn’t a heavy time investment.

It feels balanced as the questions come from everyday people and are one-to-one conversations (unless a couple is involved). It is refreshing to see the candor and understanding on both sides of the topic/situation.

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