Announcement: Buy Childfree By Childfree


Buy Childfree By Childfree Announcement!

Childfree Family has opened their shop up to other childfree designers and creators! 

Introducing the formation of Buy Childfree By Childfree! A shop to promote and offer the BEST in childfree apparel and accessories.

We would like to welcome our first flagship brand to the Buy Childfree By Childfree collaboration: #NoKids Shop.

“#NoKids sprang from the observation that our society is still focused on the idea that following marriage, it is only natural to have children. Every individual has a different idea about how to live his or her life. What if your family planning doesn’t call for children? We’ve been asked this question numerous times. So we decided to create a new brand, #NoKids, to provide the childfree amongst us the t-shirts and other merchandise to proudly declare your independent #NoKids life style!”

#NoKids Shop is one of the oldest designers in the childfree marketplace. We are excited to offer their merchandise and welcome their insight and experience.

Our hope is to localize childfree shopping options in one place.  Other childfree merchandise shops are encouraged to reach out to learn more about joining in this unique collaboration.  If interested, please send an to

#buychildfreebychildfree #childfreemerch #childfreecollaboration

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